Galactic Dragon Berry

Take a sweet and refreshing puree of red berries with slices of exotic dragon fruits and drizzle it with a natural strawberry syrup. Sound delicious? Just wait till you try it! And by the way; Dragon Fruits are fricken weird. Delicious, but fricken weird. Just like us at Jace Liquids!

Cosmic Cantalope

No summer day is complete without a bowl of sliced cantaloupes and honeydew melon. We’ve taken that classic dish and twisted it just a bit by soaking those melon slices in a sweet but sour and an ‘oh so refreshing peach lemonade. It’s good, so good that you’ll be like, “what, that’s amazing.” And we’ll be like, “yup, told ya so.” And you’ll be like, “dang.” And we’ll be like, “uh, huh.”

Planet Watermelon

When we got together we decided to create the ultimate watermelon candy experience. First we took sweet watermelon candies and mixed them with a half shot of kiwi syrup. Next we took a blend of warm summer fruits and hid them in the recipe so that they would only make their appearance at only the most opportune of moments. For real, we did that. Warm summer fruits. Now you taste ‘em and now you don’t. Its magic. Like we said, the ultimate magic watermelon candy experience

Ice Nebula

Sometimes you are just in the mood for a cool refreshing and minty flavor; before a date, before kissing your date, right before bed. Uh huh, you get what we’re getting at. Ice Nebula is so fresh, it’ll get you dates. It’s like Tinder in a bottle because we’ve created the perfect balance by blending three different mints together and adding just the right amount of menthol to create the ultimate in a refreshing but not overpowering e-liquid. Disclaimer: Ice Nebula is nothing like Tinder and probably won’t get you a date. But if it does, send us a message, we’d love to hear about it.

Blueberry Borealis

Transport yourself to a pristine mountainside where in the early morning the dew still glistens on the fresh blueberries that grow wild there. Pick them by the handful and drop them one by one into a bowl of sweetened cream for the ultimate taste experience. Unleash your inner Grizzly today!

Lunar Lemon Cake

We’ve created the ultimate lemon pastry experience with Lunar Lemon Cake. Decadence at its finest with a tart and sour, natural lemon flavor baked into one of Grandma’s sweet and crumbly yellow cakes and sprinkled with a heavenly powdered sugar finish. Sorry, Grandma not included. She’s my Nana and I’m not sharing!

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A very nice matched blend. Apple & peach dipped in a creamy very well balanced Yogurt. Yo!Guad is still sweet but with the right amount of tart undertones which makes you feel to taste your favorite yogurt in a vape! At the inhale you get the creamy Yogurt combined with the sweet ripe apple and at the exhale you get the juicy peach mixed, with the tart elegant taste of yogurt. There are two more underlying flavors but they are not part of the main event, their mission is more, to blend the juice……
A typical American donut, glazed with a sweet strawberry. A fine raspberry was added to give the liquid the rounds Touch! Easy Yummy! To give the gleam the special “kick” there is a hint of raspberry in the mix. All this combined with our awesome donut dough, this vape experience is more than just yummy!
Box by Perceptive.io
Box by Perceptive.io
We are convinced that there is the best apple strudel in Vienna . We have the Viennese secret recipe and have applied it in our E-Lquid . When you inhale our Apple Strudl E-Juice you can taste the sweet & sour notes from the red apple combined with a really good strudel batter and a very well balanced cinnamon spice. At the exhale you may be a bit confused as all the flavors work so well together that you might think to vape an apple muffin or sometimes even an apple glazed donut. Get ready for a flavor that´s out of this world.
Our Lemon Googlhupf is a fresh lemon flavor on top of a delicious ring cake pastry. It´s sweet and creamy, a perfect combination. On the inhale you get the sweet&sour lemon combined with a hint of our exclusive ring cake batter. On the exhale it´s a wonderful mix of all and leaves you with a refreshing aftertaste. Lemon Googlhupf…the taste of summer!

Strawberry Strudl is distinguished by its deliberately very delicate, but sweetly selected strawberry (s). This fine composition is combined with our already known and notorious PJ Empire Strudelteig to a true “All Day Vape”. In order to give the final “Pep” to the whole, the mild cinnamon rounds off our Strawberry Strudl and gives this liquid the predicate: world class